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Meet Our Team: Jaime Stanfield

Meet our Sales Rep. Jaime Stanfield!  She is our Face on the Road full of beer knowledge to share with those new to Redwood Curtain Brewing Co. brews.  Read the interview to find out more about our lovely Jaime!

What is your position at RCBC?  What does it entail?

My title here is Beer Ambassador AKA Sales Representative, and my job includes checking in on all accounts in and out of town, introducing new beers to those accounts, pursuing new accounts, and having fun at beer fests and tap takeovers.

What are some of the...

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Meet Our Team: Nathan Davis-Floyd

He is Mr. Humboldt, is full of jokes, and can’t choose just one beer that he enjoys sipping on at Redwood Curtain Brewing Co… It’s Nathan Davis-Floyd here to share with you a little about him and his journey at RCBC!

What is your job title at RCBC?  How long have you been working for the company?

Beertender, and I have been working here for almost four years.

How much has the brewery changed since you began your journey with RCBC?

Different staff, a crowler machine, and...

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IPA Lemon Bars

The recipe used for the these lemon bars came from The Beeroness, but we did a little tweaking of our own.

We chose to use the Miss Blanc's Teahouse IPA in our batch of lemon bars because of the sweet citrus, lemongrass, and floral aromas that the variety of hops bring to the beer; and the subtle flavor of sweet malts that hit the palate after you get past the tartness of the lemon.

What you will need to make your own IPA Lemon Bars are the following...

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Dry Irish Stout Cake

Having a pint of a great craft beer to drink is pretty spectacular!  But what about eating your craft beer?  Especially in a tasty dessert!

We used our Dry Irish Stout in this chocolate cake recipe obtained from online, and the final result was rich and scrumptious.

Next time you are in our tasting rooms, get yourself the Dry Irish Stout to go, and after you have added what you need to the recipe, enjoy the rest for yourself.

  • First... gather your ingredients:

Cake Recipe

2 cups of Redwood Curtain Brewing Co.'s Dry...

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Meet Our Team: Maggie Tyler

Meet Maggie Tyler:  a child of ten, bagel slammer, microbiology graduate, lover of craft beer, and a St. Patrick's Day baby.  Make sure when you see her to wish her a “Happy Birthday” when you see her pouring beers!

What do you do at RCBC?

I bartend at both locations!

What did you do before you worked at RCBC?

I was going to school at Humboldt State University for microbiology - fermentation sciences.  I also worked as an assistant manager for a local bagel shop and cafe, and am still slammin’ bagels there.


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